Kristin 0.55mm Anti Rust Stone Coated Roofing Sheet In Nigeria

Ehiros – Plus Biz Concept NIG.LTD
Company’s Profile
The Ehiros Plus Biz Concept Nigeria Ltd has over the years accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in designs, building solutions, finishing touches of houses, building trades and engineering works. The company was founded in the year 2010 by Okosun Samuel and provides construction management, building design and general contracting services to the public.
Today the company takes on the role of main contractor for small, medium and large size projects and performs services that aids the smooth running of buildings, coordinates design inputs and tools needed for building projects.
Our objective is to provide our clients with an “I am satisfied “experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. We provide professional client-focused construction solutions; we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity.
The company has built its clientele within and outside Nigeria with her commitment to outstanding job completion, exceptional customer service and superior safety performance which has earned us a partner of choice in the construction industry.
Partnering with the Ehiros –Plus Biz concept Nig. Ltd provides your construction project with the experience needed for success in;
·         Stone Coated Roofing Tiles
·         Rain gutter
·         Swimming pool
·         Interlocking
·         Aluminum windows
·         And general contractor
·         Installation of doors/security doors

We take pride in our delivery, thus our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them all the time.

Our vision
  To provide innovative construction solutions to complex infrastructure projects, becoming the contractor of choice, through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.

Mission statement
Our mission is to be a dynamic company, providing the highest quality construction services; establishing lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance.

Core values
·         Accountability
·         Discipline
·         Work ethic
·         Dedication
·         Safety
·         Commitment
·         Optimism
·         Quality
·         Trust
·         Integrity
·         Measured performance
·         Excellence

Company information
Registration No. 1289029
Incorporation Date – 22nd September, 2015.

Tel  08120009791,
Email address

Work scope
We plan the schedule, organize the resources, execute and control budget and work flow, manage a safety program and ensure quality and timely delivery of the works. We also supervise all sub-contractors package and interface with other package contractors in the project.
Works include;
·         Stone Coated Roofing Tiles
·         Rain gutter
·         Interlocking
·         Aluminum windows
·         Swimming pools
·         Installation of doors/security doors

Our Management and Execution Objectives
Create detail schedule and resource plan to meet client’s project objective.
Communicate clearly with all project stakeholders
Track project progress
Supervise clearly on quality of work done
Complete and commission the project on time.

Our Slogan:
…heroes’ choice.


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Kristin 0.55mm Anti Rust Stone Coated Roofing Sheet In Nigeria

Kristin 0.55mm Anti Rust Stone Coated Roofing Sheet In Nigeria

Kristin 0.55mm Anti Rust Stone Coated Roofing Sheet In Nigeria